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Krampus-The christmas Beast

Evil bells..evil spells…curse all the way…..
Evil clause is sneaking around to kill and slay……….

Did you know that our Santa Clause had a Evil brother ???

If you didn’t  then explore this article………

Krampus the Evil clause

Unknown to most parts of Asia and North and South America, Krampus the beast of Christmas and also regarded as the evil brother of Santa clause is a beast form folklore of the Alpine. Its thought that Krampus punishes the bad children while St.Nicolas(our very own Santa) rewards the good kids with presents.

Who is Krampus ???

The Krampus is regarded as the Evil clause and sometimes as the evil brother of our good Santa. In most of the exaggerating stories he is depicted to be very angry and often taking away the children’s Fathers and sometimes eating them.

Krampus has the physique which resembles the half goat-half man Satyrs form the Greek Mythology. It is believed that the tradition of donning the costume of Krampus came about as part of a coming of age ritual for young men. They would be sent off into the forest/mountains with not much more than a small sack of provisions - similar to many coming-to-manhood traditions still found in various iterations all over the world. He comes back down to the village after his time in the wild dressed as Krampus, embodying the wild spirit he took with him from this time living as a wild animal in the woods. Attempting to frighten young children was a test of the mettle of the children of the village, and also part of their coming-of-age process to demonstrate their bravery in front of the horned man from the mountains

How does he look like ???

Krampus is often shown as an ugly evil goat faced beast with red eyes and long tongue rolling out. He also carries chains (representing as devil in eye of the Christian church) sometimes bells also.

Krampus scaring the hell out of Kids
In Austria and Hungary during Christmas, people dress up a Krampus and roam the streets during night and often swat the children with whip but in mythology he is shown to be carrying a branch of birch and not a whip. He also appears with a Washtub!!!! Or a sack which represents the portal to hell or a cart in which Krampus can drown or kill and eat the children.

Krampus Greeting Card
But what do you know , in these modern days the people have changed this ferocious crul beast into cupid like !!!!!    and are even publishing special greeting card based on him.

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