Thursday, January 17, 2013

Firefox OS .

The best web browser we have ever seen – Mozilla Firefox.

Will launch its own OS for mobile devices.

Features :

 New Web standards :

  Firefox OS will produce an  implementation of these new Web standards to free mobile platforms from the encumbrances of the rules and restrictions of existing proprietary platforms.

 Freedom from proprietary mobile platforms
We’re collaborating with OEMs and carriers directly, giving them more influence to meet the specific needs of their users and market. Users and developers aren’t locked in to one platform, so they can access their info and use apps across multiple devices.

 Customization for OEMs and operators

 OEMs and operators will be able to provide content and services across their entire device portfolio, regardless of OS. And they will be able to customize user experiences, manage app distribution and retain customer attention, loyalty and billing relationships.



Opportunities for developers

Using HTML5 and the new Mozilla-proposed standard APIs, developers everywhere will be able to create amazing experiences and apps. Developers will no longer need to learn and develop against platform-specific native APIs.


Now the most important thing we all like the most :- Consumer freedom

Consumers who use devices powered by Firefox OS won’t be locked into one specific platform giving them 

Want to experience the Firefox OS :

all you need to do is download the simulator which mozilla group made available for developers you can get it from this link  : click here !! 

 Though it’s not technically a 1.0 release, the simulator will make it easier for developers to stay current with future updates to Firefox OS. It's easy to install—all you have to do is download(click here !!)the file from Mozilla and then right-click and open it up in the latest version of Firefox. The browser will then install the Simulator as an add-on. Once it's finished, you'll be able to launch the simulator yourself with a one-click button.

Firefox OS website 
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